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Krista Stryker

Krista Stryker is the founder of, a health and fitness brand which helps everyone unleash their inner athlete.

Not just a blogger, but an author and the creator of the 12minute athlete app, Krista is an impressive entrepreneur with an extensive knowledge of online business and blogging; we sat down with her to find out more about her journey. 

Case Study

What is 12 Minute

Krista created 12 Minute Athlete to help people get stronger and fitter and to do so while juggling their busy lives. Krista’s philosophy is that everyone can be an athlete, no matter what position you are starting from, you can improve your fitness and become stronger; both physically and mentally. 

Krista has crafted a whole online world where she helps people do exactly that through videos, her app and her blog. Krista helps thousands of people improve themselves, she’s often writing and talking about motivation and the mindset required to improve your fitness as well as the physical side of things.

How did Krista Stryker start blogging?

Krista identified as a writer her whole life and always wanted writing to be a part of how she made a living. After moving to Amsterdam and working as a personal trainer in gyms for a couple of years she began to think about blogging about health and fitness as a subject matter.

Working at a gym “the hours were horrible, you were stuck in one place, and frankly it was really hard to travel” says Krista. 

After reading through some blogs at the time and picking up a copy of the classic Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris, Krista decided she wanted to get into blogging and the world of online business. 

As we find very often in our case studies & blogger database Krista wanted to be able to live life on her own terms, have the flexibility to live and work anywhere in the world and travel. 

“I honestly found I was just really bad at working for someone else long term. I fundamentally hate the principle of the 9-5” Krista says. 

Having always been self motivated and not needing the external discipline or motivation from a job, Krista always wanted to ‘create her own job’ and strike out on her own. 

How did Krista get to grips with digital entrepreneurship?

At heart, Krista knew that once she figured out what to do, she would do it and make a success of it; such is her character. If the Four Hour Workweek whet her appetite then it was reading Chris Guillebau’s $100 Startup which gave her the blueprint to start blogging and Krista still very much recommends it as a read for anyone just starting out in online business. 

From reading Chris’ book and also from seeing which of the blogs that were popping up at the time were successful, Krista realised that consistency was absolutely necessary in this space. 

“Chris recommended creating three months worth of content before publicizing your blog at all, and it just became so obvious that having a consistent schedule and volume of content was necessary” 

In terms of learning the nitty gritty of blogging, such as how to install wordpress and get started, or how to learn the basics of SEO, it was very much by ‘trial and error’. 

Early on, Krista went to a lot of conferences and learned a huge amount that way. 

“Conferences are great, it’s amazing how much you learn, you get to network with other people starting out, and you never know where some of those people are going to be a few years down the road” 

What are the traits which helped Krista succeed long term?

Being in the blogging world for a while, naturally, Krista has seen many, many blogs come and go. When she boils it down, Krista thinks there are two main things which separate the long term successful bloggers from the unsuccessful:

“Honestly, out of everything, consistency is just key, you need to be gritty, you need to keep trying when people don’t know you exist yet, you need to keep going when other people would give up, all those things come with consistency and grit.”

But also, you have to have something to say, something that you are really interested in”. Because, no matter how you spin it, interest and passion comes across in your writing and in your content and the more experience and the more you are immersed in what you write about, the better your content will be. 

Of course, when you’re interested in your subject, you’re also far more likely to stick with it too and as such, to hang around long enough to get the process of blogging successfully right. 

How has blogging changed Krista Styker’s life?

For Krista, starting a lifestyle business was her goal, and she managed to achieve this only a couple of years in, quitting her job and making her site her full time income. 

Living this way has allowed Krista to do so many things! It’s allowed her to travel and have incredible experiences, but also unlocked a level of personal freedom and autonomy that would simply be impossible in a more traditional career path. 

While Krista’s personal goals have changed over the years, she’s been able to use her business to support her lifestyle as she’s changed her circumstances. 

Above all else, the opportunity of online business and blogging has changed Krista’s life. “With online business you can just reach so many people” Krista says. One of the things that was frustrating working 1-on-1 as a personal trainer was the lack of scalability. Yet of course, with internet scale that just problem just doesn’t exist; Krista has helped thousands of people get fitter and healthier through and done so without borders and boundaries, such is the power of blogging!