SendFox - The Complete Review

SendFox, the King 👑 of Email Marketing for Bloggers.

SendFox - The Complete Review 🦊

TLDR: We absolutely love SendFox and for most bloggers it has all the tools you need!

With; unlimited automations, list segmentations, forms, landing pages, great integrations and 5K contacts for one $49 payment - it’s a STEAL! 💵

Here at Start A we’re constantly banging on about the importance of having an email list if you want to grow your blog.

It will come as no surprise to you that we’ve reviewed, used and tested every email marketing suite under the sun. SendFox, however, really caught our attention.

SendFox is specifically designed for bloggers and content creators 🤔interesting…

💰It is based on a one-off fee of $49, which we think is an absolute steal. We don’t recommend getting tied up in a monthly fee when you’re starting out blogging.

To be honest, we thought at this price-point SendFox would likely be lacking in features, but, for most bloggers you will find this packed with heaps of tools - far more than you need. Here’s a summary:

  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑5,000 contacts
  • 👩‍💻Super clean and easy interface
  • 📝Good list segmentation - more on this below
  • 🤖Unlimited email automations - crackers at this price point 🤯
  • 🔌Good integrations, (we used it with Zapier, with good success)
  • 📃Custom landing pages
  • 📄Forms - can be embedded or standalone

Pretty neat huh? Well.. let’s start with some drawbacks.
  1. SendFox Branding - even though this is a paid plan, you get the sendfox brand at the bottom of the footer, that said - it’s subtle. We think it’s not a big deal for the vast majority of bloggers
This is what it looks like..

2.🎨When it comes to customising the design of your emails SendFox is a little different.

It doesn’t come with pre-made design templates like MailChimp, SendinBlue and the like, which may be a drawback for some users.

However, you can make your own templates, and if you’re looking for a clean, perhaps minimalistic design - then you’re all set.

The things we do like however…
1. We love the interface 📺

It’s super clean and easy to use. You simply upload your lists from a spreadsheet or you can set up a form on your site to link directly.

Once you’ve got your lists uploaded, you’re ready to start writing ✍️

The writing interface

Very simple, clean and distraction free.

2. Automations 🤖

You can use SendFox to set up fairly sophisticated email automations. When someone is added to a list, you can automatically put them on a sequence of emails.

Once once automation is finished, you can tag that subscriber and add them to a new automation.

Many bloggers will not need this sort of functionality, at least at the outset. But, once you get onto launching digital products, creating onboarding campaigns, sending out ebooks and the like.. this is invaluable.

SendFox includes unlimited automations, which at this price point is simply bananas. 🍌

3. Forms, Landing Pages & Integrations 🔌

SendFox lets you build your own forms and landing pages directly inside the app.

You can also integrate with Zapier, KingSumo and then like to link SendFox with tonnes of other apps. We played around with SendFox and Zapier and had no issues whatsoever.

4. Last but not least.. price 💸

There are lots of tools which will do everything above.. But none that will do all of this for $49.

We don’t like monthly subscriptions, and we recommend that you don’t pile on your monthly fees, especially when you’re just starting out. It all adds up.

The fact that SendFox is a one-off payment on a lifetime license is amazing from our point of view, which is why we recommend it to all our readers, especially those starting out.

In Conclusion 👑

We think SendFox is hands down the king of email marketing for bloggers. If you have a lot of contacts or very precise design needs then this is probably not the right tool for you, but for most bloggers; you simply can't go wrong with SendFox. Welll done to the App Sumo team.

Get the deal here

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